• As a favor to our established clients, Central Veterinary Hospital offers an adoption service for pets that need a new home. This service, however, is not free. The client who brings the pet must wait while the pet is examined by a doctor and be responsible for an examination, vaccinations, and the boarding costs, and spay or neuter (or if animal is already spayed or neutered, you must provide proof), all of which needs to be paid for before leaving the pet. Any medical treatment deemed necessary will be the original owners’ financial responsibility. Descriptions of a pet’s history may be left with the receptionist as well as any requirements or restrictions. We do screen any potential new owner, so please be assured that the pet is being placed in the best possible home.
  • The client is obligated to check periodically on the pets’ status and to be responsible for any additional boarding charges.

  • As we are a hospital, space is limited for patients, so the potential adoptee must be able to fit comfortably in one of the lobby cages. For a puppy or small dog, a healthy examination and vaccinations (or proof of vaccination) and five days boarding, and prepayment for a spay or neuter are required before the client can leave the pet. Ask a receptionist for prices. If one to three puppies are brought in, and they can fit in one cage, the price for boarding is one and a half times the regular boarding price for that size puppy. If more than one cage is needed for additional puppies, the price is two times the regular boarding price. Ask a receptionist for prices.
  • For a kitten or cat, a healthy examination, a negative Feline Leukemia/Feline Aids test, prepayment for a spay or neuter if old enough, and five days boarding are required before the owner can leave the pet. Ask a receptionist for prices. If a litter of three or more kittens are brought in, at least two tests must be performed before leaving them for adoption.I authorize Central Veterinary Hospital to perform the necessary examinations and procedures to facilitate this pets’ placement in a new home and to be financially responsible for all above-mentioned costs.
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