06/15/2004 – 04/17/2020

Tiko was my best friend, my loyal companion, my baby, my person…my life for almost 16 years. He always put a smile on my face and joy in my heart. I adopted him when he was 8 weeks old and on that day I promised him I would love him, take care of him, and be the best mommy I could be. I pray that he always felt I lived up to all my promises. Losing him has been the hardest thing I have ever had to endure. A piece of me went with him when he passed on April 17, 2020 and I know my life will never be the same without him. I would like to thank the staff at Central Veterinary Hospital and Dr. Keele for the great care they gave Tiko for 15 1/2 years and especially for all the love, compassion, and support they gave to both of us when I had to make the toughest decision of my life. I know one day he will be by my side again.

Chenoa Shenandoah